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Top 10 Movies of All Time

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So since I wrote my first post about my top 10 favorite TV shows, I thought I would do the same for my favorite films. Listed below are some of my favorite movies, in no particular order. Be sure to check them out.

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1. Mystic River

Mystic River

Three childhood friends grow up to be very different: one a homicide detective agent, one an ex con man, and one blue collar worker. After the ex cons eldest daughter is murdered, the three of them become acquainted once again. Very good, but very sad film.

2. The Lion King

Lion King.png

Possibly the best Disney film of all time. Made in 1994, this film is about a young cub, Simba who runs away from Pride Rock when his dad is killed by his power hungry Uncle Scar. After running away, Simba runs into Timon and Pumba of whom has a unique take on life. Several years later after, Nala, a childhood friend runs into him he comes to take his rightful throne back from his evil Uncle Scar.

3. The Breakfast Club

the breakfast club

This movie is considered an 80’s classic, starring Molly Ringwald and her film buddy, Anthony Michael Hall, as well as Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson. An eight hour Saturday detention includes 5 high school students: a criminal, a basket case, an athlete, a princess, and a brainiac. Turns out there not all that different after all. A timeless classic.

4. The Good Dinosaur

Good Dinosaur

A cowardly dinosaur gets separated from his family and comes across a young Neanderthal. Although the dinosaur doesn’t like the young Neanderthal that is following him, he soon forges a strong friendship with him and he finds his way home after a long courageous journey. One of my favorite family films made since The Lion King.

5. Arthur


This re-make of the 1981 version of Arthur is probably one of my favorite movies on the list, I’ve watched it over a dozen times. Starring Russell Brand, this film is about Arthur who is a wealthy heir and alcoholic who still lives with his Nanny, played by Helen Mirren. After his mother gives him an ultimatum to marry a professional (but conniving) woman (played by Jennifer Garner), or to give up his fortune; he falls in love with a girl who is the opposite of what his mother wants. He must make a hard decision. A very hilarious and light-hearted film.

6. Just Go With It

Just Go With It

A super cute romantic comedy starring, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Adam Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who pretends to be married to get the ladies, until his lies goes to far. After falling for a beautiful young woman, he goes to Hawaii with his secretary (Jennifer Aniston) and her two kids pretending he is an ex husband and father. Obviously, what could go wrong? A MUST watch.

7. The Notebook

The Notebook

Based off the novel written by Nicholas Sparks, this romantic film will definitely have you boo-hooing by the end. An elderly man reads a love story to a woman in a home suffering from Alzheimer’s. It ends up he is telling her their love story- a truly beautiful, romantic film.

8. The Client

The CLient

This film is based on the novel written by John Grisham. After a boy (Brad Renfro) and his little brother witness a murder, they need protection from both the mob and the FBI. Knowing he and his little brother are in danger, he gets help from his lawyer (Susan Sarandon) who does everything in her power to protect him and his family.

9. Fight Club

fight club

Based off the novel by Chuck Palahniuk ,this film is about a secret cult-like club of men who are normal by day, and fighters by night. Fight club is created and ran by two seemingly different men: one (Edward Norton) who suffers from severe insomnia and the second, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a somewhat deranged, but hot, soap maker. Thought-provoking until the very end.

10. Dazed and Confused


It is the last day of school in Austin, Texas, 1976. The new seniors spend their time in search of a party and hazing freshmen, until a kegger is started at the moon tower. The new freshmen try their best to avoid being hazed by the Seniors, but unfortunately not all of them are so lucky. Mitch, a pitcher who gets hazed after his last baseball game, tags up with the senior quarterback and has a night he won’t want to forget- although he just might. An all-star cast including: Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Jason London, Milla Jovovich and more.

Do y’all agree?

Tell me what your favorite movie is in the comments!

Thanks y’all.

Next post will be between September 4th-7th.

P.S. Hurricane Harvey has damaged the area I live in, and I know a lot of people who have lost their homes, vehicles, and their belongings. Fortunately, I was not affected by the rain and flooding that some of my fellow Texans were.

Please keep these families in your thoughts, as some of them have lost everything.

Thanks so much.


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