The Ultimate Guide to Moving Out for the First Time. Part 1.

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Ultimate Guide to Moving Out. Part 1.

Moving out for the first time is a happy milestone to reach in your life. New adventures that doesn’t include chore lists or curfews, but with this newly found freedom comes responsibility. Suddenly you have to worry about paying the bills (utilities, rent, cable/internet, etc.), grocery shopping, and cleaning – just to mention a few. I moved out 4 months ago and the steps mentioned below is what I did to make sure I had everything I needed, which is more than you think ( I promise).

I moved into an apartment 4 months ago with my fiancé and making a list of items helped out tremendously, especially when I found something on sale. I kept the list in my purse and whenever I found one of the items on sale I would go ahead and get it. Having a list helps with 2 things; 1) so that you don’t miss out on a great buy (price wise), and 2) so that you remember what you’ve already gotten, and what you still need.

Part 1 will include a list of essential items you will need for your Kitchen, and some helpful hints of finding those items at an affordable price.


Kitchen Items

Try to pick a theme, something that goes well with everything. My kitchen theme definitely has a retro feel to it: I picked Owls and Mushrooms- specifically with colors red and orange. Anyways, these are the items you will definitely need when you move out…consider this a starter list.

    1. Knife Set
    2. Set of Cups
    3. Silverware (I recommend a 36 count set)
    4. Pot Set
    5. Pan (One Large & One Small, if possible)
    6. Measuring Cups
    7. Plates, Bowls, and Saucers
    8. Tupperware
    9. Hot Plates
    10. Utensils
    11. Drying Towels
    12. Wash Rags
    13. Toaster
    14. Utensils
    15. Spoon Rest
    16. Some type of Soap Brush/ Sponge
    17. Cookie Sheets (Get thicker ones, so they don’t warp in the oven)
    18. Can Opener
    19. Wine Opener/ Cork Screw (thanks chasingchelseae for this and #18)
    20. Drying Rack/ Drainboard
    21. Pizza Cutter
    22. Ice Cream Scoop
    23. Oven Mitt(s)
    24. Cutting Board
    25. Paper Towel Holder

Helpful Hints:

Some of these items you can find for a really good price at places like Ross and Marshalls. I was able to get a relatively good sized wooden cutting board for $5, and a set of 8 glass cups for $9 at Ross. Some of these items you can always get before you move out and they are small enough to store. Silverware is also really affordable at discounted stores, or you can look through ads to wait for stuff to go on sale.

What room should I cover next? Please leave your answer in the comment section.

Part 2 Here

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