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Top 10 Binge-Worthy TV Shows

The following shows, in my opinion, are the top 10 binge-worthy shows that if you haven’t already watched- you should be. They are in no particular order and this in no way is a ranked list. With that being said, I will admit that my personal favorite is number one. So grab a bag of popcorn, your remote, and start watching now.

Number 10. Shameless (U.S. Version) 

This Showtime original follows the very dysfunctional Gallagher family, as Fiona, the oldest sibling takes care of her three little brothers, her sister, her alcoholic father and bi-polar mother. Living in South Side chicago, Fiona with the help of her neighbors, always figures things out when money is tight. This comical drama has 7 seasons ready for you to binge on Netflix. Enjoy.

Number 9. The Newsroom

newsroomPhoto Credit:

With only three seasons, this HBO original is a must watch. It is about how a newsroom, lead by Will McAvoy as anchor, challenges the network he works for by starting to actually give people the news. It also covers real life stories like the BP oil spill. Brilliantly written.

Number 8.  The Office (U.S. Version) 

the officePhoto Credit:

A series done in a documentary style format tells the story of Manager, Michael Scott, and his employees at a Scranton based paper firm. A comedy that shows everything your NOT supposed to do in the workplace, but makes for a great laugh.

Number 7. Sons of Anarchy

SOAPhoto Credit:

This show follows main character, Jax Teller, and his motorcycle “club” SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) as they run guns in a small town called Charming. The club deals with the police, the people of charming, and other clubs while still dealing with their own family drama. Watch while Jax unravels truths about his club and the past.

Number 6. Scandal

ScandalPhoto Credit:

Olivia Pope and her team of “gladiators in suits” makes the problems of the elite in Washington D.C.  disappear. Creator, Shonda Rhimes names this drama-based series perfectly, as shows it scandal after scandal- some her clients and some of her own.

Number 5. Orange is the New Black

orange is the new black.pngPhoto Credit:

Based on a true story, Piper Chapman, is sent to a women’s correctional facility for a crime she committed years prior. While watching how Piper learns to fit in, the show also casts light in how the criminal justice system truly operates. This Netflix original has 5 seasons available to watch now.

Number 4. The Walking Dead

The walking deadPhoto Credit:

In a post-apocalyptic world, Rick and his group must protect themselves against zombies and survivors alike.

Number 3. 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons whyPhoto Credit:

Hannah Baker, a girl who commits suicide, leaves 13 tapes for each person that has bullied her. This Netflix original directed by Selena Gomez, is based off the novel written by xxx. An interesting, but tragic story. There’s currently only one season available on Netflix.

Number 2. Breaking Bad

A chemist teacher, Walter (Walt) White, starts cooking and selling methamphetamine with a former student, Jimmy, so he can pay for cancer treatment. As expected things get a little out of hand, to say the least. All seasons available on Netflix.

Number 1. Grey’s Anatomy

Greys Anatomy

Meredith Grey, the daughter of a trail blazing surgeon, starts out as a surgical intern in this hospital drama. Watch as she makes friends, makes mistakes, and falls in love. Watch Meredith and Christina as the “twisted sisters,” and fall in love with McDreamy like all watchers do. Your heart will be broken and put back together again. There’s 13 seasons with over 200 episodes on Netflix. The 14th season is set to premiere on ABC, September 28, 2017.


Please leave a comment and share if you enjoyed. I will post atleast once a week, but I will try to do post more.

Hope you enjoy.

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